The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP®) program teams with Systematic Computer Education Centre to offer Mobile IT Administrator training in Hong Kong, China. This partnership aims to increase visibility and accessibility of the Mobile Device Security credential to all Enterprise Mobility Experts in Asia.

CMDSP is the only product-neutral EMM Credential in the market; and the two-day training materials are now available throughout Asia. CMDSP has garnered some large adopters in the form of IT Staff at the United Nations and Ford Motors; to name a few. CMDSP is currently offered in 950 testing centers around the world through the Kryterion Testing Network. Further, training for the CMDSP certification is now offered in Hong Kong at Systematic Computer Education Center (Mongkok).

Keeping up with technology in the Enterprise Mobility Management market — which is projected to reach over $5 billion in 2020, and a major leap of about 25% over its current value — proves to be challenging for most enterprises. Precedence has shown that even the most secure systems can be compromised. Multiply this statement by the number of devices managed within one enterprise, and realize the result: Enterprise Mobile Management solutions need to be designed and implemented appropriately to ensure that a company is secure and protected against both inside and outside threats.

The modern workforce is driven by mobility as employees expect to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The result is that attack surfaces and vectors have grown exponentially. Only 12% of organizations have an enterprise mobility strategy in place, and most employees have not received any security awareness training for their mobile devices. While blind spots are perhaps inevitable, the point is: this is clearly an emerging competency, and only CMDSP can help in mitigating mobile security risks.

Peter Coddington, President of MRG, founded this credential in 2012, having noted after many years in Silicon Valley that there was no governance of this “secure” space.

The CMDSP is a one-of-a-kind credential in the IT space, focused specifically on awarding the title to those who expertly design and manage the security and systems responsible for running an enterprise’s mobile device fleet. The credential offers another value added: codifying the Corporate Position – Enterprise Mobility Manager.


About Systematic Computer Education Centre

Systematic Computer Education Centre was founded in 1993 and has been well known for many years in Hong Kong. Systematic has five sites in Hong Kong; delivering over 300 courses

and serving over ten thousand clients per year. The courses mainly focus on these areas: I.T. Security, Servers Management, Networking, Database, Programming and Design.

Besides being an authorized ATC by Mobile Resource Group to deliver the CMDSP course, Systematic is also authorized to train clients to aid in obtaining certifications such as OCP (Oracle Certified Professional), PMP (Project Management Professional), ITIL Expert, etc. Furthermore, all five sites of Systematic are Kryterion testing centers providing convenient locations for clients to take the CMDSP examination.

About The Mobile Resource Group

The Mobile Resource Group is committed to making mobile computing more secure. Smartphones are capable of holding more critical and personal information than ever before. While the platforms running on these mobile devices are strategically assembled, even the most secure systems can be compromised when put under the wrong conditions. The security risk of a mobile device is the leak of personal information such as contacts, social and email accounts, credit card numbers, and every file downloaded onto the phone. In a world where over two-thirds of Americans have smartphones, and with smartphones increasingly being used in the workplaces, the chance of data being compromised grows even higher. This is where CMDSP comes in. The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) credential offered by the Mobile Resource Group promotes knowledge of mobile devices, securing devices, and secure environments for mobile devices.

For CMDSP-related inquiries, please reach out to CMDSP at, or . To learn more about the CMDSP credential, visit

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