Bluetooth introduces a number of potentially serious security vulnerabilities to your enterprise’s mobile devices; compromising devices and connected networks. Do the mobile devise users in your enterprise know that many vulnerabilities can be prevented by turning off the “discoverable mode” and changing the default passcode?

carwhisperer Most car manufacturers put default PINs on the car’s Bluetooth device such as 1234 and 0000 and users are not prompted to change it. Hackers take advantage of this to get into the user’s car to record and play audio.

Bluejacking When unsolicited messages are sent over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices. Most of the time it is not a direct security risk in and of itself because it does not reveal any sensitive information, but unwanted messages on one’s device can show up.

Bluebugging Getting into the device through poor passwords or loopholes in outdated Bluetooth security. This gives the attacker control over the device, such as listening in on phone conversations and sending messages to other devices.

Bluesnarfing his works similar to Bluejacking in that it sends a message to the device, but within that message there is an exploit that makes the receiving device send back contact information.

BlueBorne Allows hacker to identify a device, connect through Bluetooth and control the device’s screen and apps. This is done by having the user “wake up” the device.

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