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Who We Are

The Mobile Resource Group

The Mobile Resource Group is committed to making mobile computing more secure. Smartphones are capable of holding more critical and personal information than ever before. While the platforms running on these mobile devices are well put together, even the most secure systems can be compromised when put under the wrong conditions. The security risk of a mobile device being compromised is the leak of personal information such as contacts, social and email accounts, credit card numbers, and every file downloaded onto the phone. In a world where over two-thirds of Americans have smartphones, and with smartphones increasingly being used in the workplace, the likelihood of data being compromised becomes inveitable. This is where CMDSP comes in. The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) certification - offered by the Mobile Resource Group - promotes knowledge of mobile devices, securing devices, and securing environments for mobile devices.


A CMDSP credential shows employers that the individual can manage the mobile devices for a workforce within an enterprise in a secure manner. Our certified professionals are committed to protecting that institutional data, information, and knowledge even while the devices are mobile. Mobility can mean more risk - but the CMDSP program and credential mitigates the risk of allowing an organization to utilize smartphones and tablets within an enterprise.