17 Sep

Mobile Device Security: Sometimes it’s Simple

Thanks to Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, contributor to Forbes Travel, for sharing a great article that highlights the simple, cheap and easy way that hackers can access mobile devices through a charging cable. Not new information for security professionals, but a great accessible article for security education and awareness programs. Borrowing a charger from a fellow

27 Aug

IBM Security 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report Now Available Through Forbes.com

“Data breach costs increase quickly in integration-intensive corporate IT environments, especially where there is a proliferation of disconnected mobile platforms. The study found the highest contributing costs associated with a data breach are caused by third parties, compliance failures, extensive cloud migration, system complexity, and extensive IoT, mobile and OT environments. This reinforces that organizations need

14 Aug

October 2019 CMDSP classes in Dublin, Ireland

CWSI announces October 2019 CMDSP classes at their Dublin, Ireland Training Center. Paul Conaty, Principal Consultant at CWSI, “CMDSP takes the management elements and the security elements and gives you a good grounding in what is different about mobile security and architecture.” Visit CWSI’s site for more details & registration.

12 Aug

Lions and tigers ….. and Bluesnarfing

Bluetooth introduces a number of potentially serious security vulnerabilities to your enterprise’s mobile devices; compromising devices and connected networks. Do the mobile devise users in your enterprise know that many vulnerabilities can be prevented by turning off the “discoverable mode” and changing the default passcode? carwhisperer Most car manufacturers put default PINs on the car’s