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Using Credentials to Climb the Corporate Ladder


Do you have a college degree, but want to enhance your career? Employees that utilize credential programs increase their salary, job freedom, and marketability.

Myth: If you have college degree, certification programs are unprofitable (ineffective, insignificant).

Fact: 34 percent of certificate holders also have a college degree.

While credential programs offer exponential development for those that do not have a college degree, they can also be used to expand and enhance one’s career. College graduates that earn a credential not only make more money, but also become more marketable in their chosen field. Additionally, those that wish to change their field of work can do so by earning a credential, rather than earning an entirely new college degree. Similarly, those that have earned a college degree, but regret their field certification programs can even help propel an employee.

Did you know?

IT certifications have the best returns out of all certification programs? In computer and information services, employees working in field earn $72,498 per year. One more reason to stay tech-savvy!