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The CMDSP Credential

The Credential

The CMDSP credential is an IT credential for security professionals working in the field of mobile devices. Whether managing individual devices or an enterprise with multiple device types and platforms, this certificate demonstrates that the individual possesses an underlying core body of specialized, in-depth knowledge of the described topic areas. While some topic areas may apply to all mobile operating systems, this credential is designed to demonstrate competence with Apple’s iOS, Microsoft's Windows OS, and Google’s Android OS.

Persons in these positions are generally responsible for review and analysis of security requirements, working with senior team members to develop integrated plans to protect corporate assets and information technology (reducing risk), and administering security systems to support daily security operations. This credential makes the certified professional very valuable to employers looking to utilize a mobile infrastructure for their enterprise.

In addition, the candidate should have a good system level understanding of mobile/device app, os, networking and embedded systems technologies driving the smartphone, tablet, and personal entertainment device markets.

The Mobile Resource Group believes in securing personal information and corporate data. Mobile systems are a valuable resource in an enterprise that can be easily employed, however many see them as a security risk. Mobile systems do have the capacity to securely handle data, and Enterprises that wish to incorporate mobile devices into their workplace must understand how to utilize this. Our CMDSP credential helps individuals show a corporate enterprise that they are capable of handling a mobile environment, whether managing individual devices or an enterprise with many device types and platforms. This versatility makes our professionals very valuable in the marketplace. The credential is designed to demonstrate both in-depth technical knowledge and policy knowledge related to mobile devices. Candidates should have an understanding of the topic areas in the CMDSP Scope Of Certification section of this page.

Individuals interested in gaining the knowledge to secure mobile systems can check out our Training page, which displays our excellent training partners and lists valuable resources to start learning.

Why Certify? 

Code of Ethics

MRG sets forth a Code of Professional Ethics to guide the professional and personal conduct of its certificate holders. All CMDSP credential holders are required to comply with this Code of Ethics.

 For a full list, please visit www.cmdsp.org/code-of-ethics

The Application Process

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Candidate Handbook

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Applying for the CMDSP Credential

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