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WireLurker Attacking Apple Mobile Devices


Tizen is the newest mobile operating system by Samsung and Intel. What is its purpose? How does the architecture differ from other mobile operating systems on the market? How will current app developers be affected? Read more to find out.

IOS and Android UDIDs Susceptible to Breach

The digital publishing firm Blue Toad was the source of the leak of over a million Apple UDIDs released by the hacker group anonymous. This article analyzes how the attack on Blue Toad was made possible.

Android Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks a users computer, holding it ransom until the user does what the attacker wants –usually pay a fee. Ransomware is growing from just a desktop form of malware to also attack mobile devices. Read more to learn more about the recent ransomware attacks on android systems.

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